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2016…it’s going to be big

Published on December 30, 2015, by in Uncategorized.

Wow. It’s been more than 6 months since I have last blogged. To be honest, I needed a break; 2016 will be my 12th year of blogging and that is a long time.   So much happened since I last sat down and wrote. One of the year’s highlights was my second niece was born! We did a lot of traveling. I mean a lot. So. Much. Travel. But it was amazing and I loved every minute with family and friends.   We also had new adventures in Chicago. Brian went to his first ever Bears game. I took up pottery on the wheel. Now we have more hand thrown pottery than we will never need. And did a lot of baking, cooking, and drinking some green smoothies. So, that brings us to today. Literally. Beautifully snowy today.   So what is going to happen from here on out? I