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Weekend wrap up

Published on November 12, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

In case you hadn’t heard, we got an early Christmas present of a VITAMIX on Thursday night. I opted to not wash my hair in the shower Friday morning so I had a few extra minutes to make a green smoothie. That was a great choice. I think I have had a green smoothie every day since receiving the Vitamix. I named her Scarlett. I love her. Don’t worry. Brian is not being neglected. I made him chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothie in it. I also made some butternut squash soup in it. I had an unusually boring and therefore undocumented breakfast on Saturday morning. However, on Sunday morning I had a really delicious fajita pepper, onion, tomato and egg open-face sandwich. I also took a spare baked potato that we had in the fridge and made it into cubed breakfast potatoes with lots of fajita seasoning and sriracha. So



Thursday Things

Published on October 10, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

Some of my favorite posts around the blogosphere are the posts where bloggers talk about some of their favorite things. Because I love them so much, I am going to try to start doing one of my own, weekly. Ch..Ch..Ch..Changes over here at Spatoola. I haven’t fully decided what I want to do with this post, but didn’t want to wait to decide on a layout to get it started. I’m sure it will evolve over time. So let’s this thing started. Drool worthy recipe of the week comes from Iowa Girl Eat’s! Aren’t these absolutely sinful looking? Sticky buns are definitely my favorite in the roll family and adding pumpkin…genius! The recipe looks so simple, too. This healthy and hearty bean, kale and lentil bowl make my budget meal of the week. I love the simple recipes over at {never}homemaker. I think this will be made with some kale



Great start to the day

Published on July 21, 2011, by in Uncategorized.

Breakfast of champions: super green smoothie iced coffee I have big plans for my day off. Big. watching a movie making popsicles blogging painting my nails going to the pool going for a run Catch up to you later! I have some relaxing to do.


Life is but a bowl of…

Published on June 9, 2011, by in Uncategorized.

Breakfast. Mmmm.


Happy Memorial Day!

Published on May 30, 2011, by in Uncategorized.

While Chicago was enjoying sunny 90 degree weather and barbeques, I was enjoying 16 hours of work. I walked into a bathroom at work today and was greeted by this little guy. It really cracked me up…


When a kid from Florida gets to build a snowman

Published on February 18, 2011, by in Uncategorized.

All winter my boyfriend Brian has been asking to build a snowman. He’s from Florida and has never built one in his life. Well, there was the attempt when he was a kid to build one with Tupperware, but that’s a whole different story. There was plenty of snow from the blizzard but the temperatures had not been warm enough to make the snow stick. Good packing snow is key for building a good snowman. So, here are pictures of his first snow people. He had so much fun building one that he decided to build a family of 3. Learning to roll the snow: The start of the first snowman: First completed snowman: Snow family fully accessorized with things we found outside: Brian was not happy to see his snow family a few hours later after the temperatures continued to climb:



Published on February 4, 2011, by in Uncategorized.

I love Starfruit’s frozen Kefir so I thought I’d give this a chance for a mid-morning snack. It’s tasty, packed with protein and probiotics. I’m sold!


Pre-soak oatmeal

Published on January 26, 2011, by in Uncategorized.

My mom informed me that the picture of my oatmeal from this morning looked like creamed corn with pieces of hot dog in it. So, I took a picture of my oatmeal concoction pre-soak for you tonight. -1/4 cup steel cut oats -1 oz pomegranate flavored craisins -1 small red delicious apple diced -1 small banana cut in small chunks -1/4 tsp cinnamon -sprinkle of flax seeds -sprinkle of chia seeds -7 or 8 cocoa roasted almonds I know, there’s a lot going on in my bowl, but I just kept finding things that I wanted to add. I just bought the chia seeds and have never used them. I just hope they don’t sprout into a bowl of chia pet oatmeal overnight! I know I should have waited to add the almonds after I cooked it, but I would forget them in the morning. I can’t wait for breakfast



A new combo

Published on January 25, 2011, by in Uncategorized.

I tried a new combination in my oatmeal today. As usual, I soaked my steel cut oats over night(for faster cooking in the morning). I frequently add apple and banana to my oatmeal, which I also did. Today I added a healthy dose of cinnamon and cashews to it too. Tasty! I’m not usually a huge fan of cinnamon but have come to like it more recently. I don’t mind the hearty dose of antioxidants that it has or the stablizing effect on blood sugar, either. A simple way to make my oatmeal healthier without adding calories.


A pile of orange peels.

Published on January 1, 2011, by in Uncategorized.

Happy New Year! Brian and I spent the day watching episodes of The Wire and eating oranges.