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Home Update Plated meal delivery: A review

Plated meal delivery: A review

Published on February 12, 2016, by in Update.

This is not a sponsored post.

After a lackluster experience with Hello Fresh, I was a little skeptical about another meal delivery service. I had heard good things about Plated and a friend was kind enough to gift me a free week of meals(3 meals for 2 people). So, why not. Plated was about the exact opposite experience of Hello Fresh. My husband hasn’t stopped talking about how delicious one of the meals was…we ate it 4 days ago.

The produce was a much higher quality and almost all organic. The meat and seafood also seemed much higher quality. Plated offers more options of meals to choose from every week. They also offer more exotic dishes that you can add for a slight up charge. Oh, and you want dessert? You can add that on, too.

Our first meal was Chicken with Brussels Sprouts:



Look at that! Plated was able to ship me already shredded brussies. That saved me time. This is the meal that my husband absolutely loved. The portions are large. I think it was really enough to feed 3-4 people, but it was SO good, we both ate our whole portion. Every flavor worked perfectly. At the end of sauteing the shallot and brussies, Plated had me stir in a little grainy mustard. I don’t know what it was about that small addition, but it added a lot of flavor. ┬áThe chicken seasoning was perfect and flavorful, too. I will definitely be making this again. Overall rating: A+

Our second meal was feta lamb burgers:


Sorry the picture is so dark. My burger is also not that charred. It is the lighting. So, because the portion of the chicken meal was so large, I cut the portion in half for this meal. Yes, this is only 1/4 of the total meal that was in the package. Lots of fresh herbs in the burger as well as a combination of lamb and beef AND the burger is stuffed with feta. So many great flavors. The salad is sliced up sweet peppers and cucumbers with a yogurt dill sauce. All very flavorful and delicious. Even better, my lunch was already made for the next day…leftovers. Again, we were really impressed by this meal. Overall rating: Solid A

Our final meal was Ginger Cod en Papillote:



Again, the portion on this meal was huge. This was our least favorite meal of the 3, but we still thought it was good. The fish was baked in parchment with a sesame miso butter on it and pieces of ginger. I didn’t feel like the fish picked up as much of the flavors as I thought it would. Overall, I thought the meal was a little bland considering all the flavors that went into cooking it. Overall rating: B

Plated’s overall rating: A! This coming week we are trying Green Chef. I have a strong feeling that I will be ordering Plated at least once a month in the future.