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HelloFresh: a review

Published on February 11, 2016, by in Uncategorized.

This is not a sponsored post.

I’ve been on the hunt for some new meal ideas. I love the idea of a meal delivery service for two. When I find a new recipe I want to make, I am often deterred by the amount of special ingredients I need to buy to make the recipe once. What if I don’t like the recipe and now have three full spice bottles I’ll never use again? Or what will I do with the rest of that random vegetable that I only needed a little of?

I decided that I would try a few of the meal delivery services, and why not, they offer great deals for first time customers.

The  first company I tried was HelloFresh. I paid about $30 for 3 meals that are 2 servings each. There were about 6 options to choose from. I chose a shrimp lettuce wrap, a pork tenderloin with vegetables, and a vegetarian eggplant stew with couscous.

I was immediately impressed with the packing. The box was organized very well without an excessive amount of waste. The recipes were easy to follow and could be completed in about 30 minutes. They offered a lot of healthier recipes and provided the complete nutritional breakdown. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the meals choices, but they were good enough to make me want to place an order.

Here is a breakdown of each meal, starting with the shrimp lettuce wraps:


I was unable to use the avocado packed with the shrimp wraps, because it was hard as a rock. The quality of the actual shrimp was very good. Overall, he shrimp wraps lacked flavor.  Adding a little cilantro would have gone a long way. The only spice besides salt and pepper was chipotle powder, which just packed on the heat, no depth or smokiness. I also found it weird that they used kidney beans instead of pinto or black beans. The garlic  lime crema was delicious but there wasn’t enough of it. I think the best part was that they gave me a whole head of Boston bibb lettuce, so I used it to make delicious lettuce wraps for lunch the next day. Over C+

Pork tenderloin with sweet potato fries and Brussels sprout hash:


This meal is not too far off from something I would normally make. My biggest complaint would probably be that I had to thinly slice the sprouts myself. Why can’t they send them already shredded? That would have been the big time saver. The apple and cranberries added to the spouts weren’t overwhelmingly delicious or creative. The pork tenderloin was good, but probably would have been better if I would have read the instructions. I was only to use 1 tsp of the seasoning, but instead I dumped the whole packet into the mix making it a little too spicy. But AGAIN, why am I having to measure out the ingredient if they are sending me a little packet? Only put 1 tsp in the packet. Problem solved. Baked sweet potato fries are baked sweet potato fries. I’ve made them a million times. Overall rating: B to B-

Jamie Oliver’s eggplant stew and couscous:


This was by far the most delicious meal of the 3. That being said, I was immediately disappointed by the quality of the produce in the package. The eggplant was starting to rot on one side and the two tomatoes were severely under-ripe. The overall flavor of the finished dish was fantastic. It came with whole wheat couscous to pair with it(not pictured), which was ok. I would make this recipe again with fresh and quality produce. The flavor of the recipe gets an “A” but the overall grade is B-. I shouldn’t be getting subpar produce.

Overall, I would NOT order Hello Fresh again. Two of the 3 recipes were “Eh” and one was good. I think Hello Fresh would be good for people just starting out cooking, definitely not for people who already like to cook and try new things.

2 Responses

  1. Mel

    My officemate subscribes to HelloFresh and she LOVES it! But, she doesn’t know how to cook at all and admits she has the palate of a child. HelloFresh as you say is perfect for her b/c she is just learning how to cook and isn’t ready to be too experimental. Excellent review, friend!