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The thing about moderation…

Published on January 13, 2016, by in Uncategorized.

Going into the new year, I declared Tuesday’s to be treat Tuesday’s. If I want dessert then I can have it on a Tuesday. It really makes me think about what I would want and choose wisely. I had dessert last Tuesday. A delicious chocolate and almond butter tart. Then I was thinking about it yesterday and there was nothing that I wanted. I always forget that when I cut down on sugar, it makes me not really want it anymore. The more I eat sugar, the moreĀ I want. So after only one treat Tuesday, I fell off the treat wagon. Not that there won’t be treats, but…they are just so much less appealing now.

I love eggs. Love them. I had this little creation the other day and it was a total delight. Spinach, tomato, and feta. The feta really gave them a kick of flavor.


I know it is all the rave to go low carb and swap out classic noodles for alternatives, but I really do like spaghetti squash. I discovered it a few years ago and haven’t made a regular spaghetti noodle since. I mean, I would definitely swap out freshly made pasta for the squash. You know, if someone made it for me.


Hot soup on a cold winter day is amazing. This was not amazing. After thinking I had everything I needed, I did not. I had to make a few substitutions and it threw the flavor off enough that it just isn’t very delicious. I’ll get it right next time, until then, I’ll be eating mediocre soup.


A fritatta! I decided to make a fritatta so I would have breakfast for days. Zucchini, spinach, tomato, and feta.


Brian and I love David’s Tea and picked up some of their cardamom french toast tea a few weeks ago. I made some homemade almond milk to make it a latte. So delicious. It’s like a healthy dessert. David’s will turn tea haters into tea lovers.


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  1. Yum! I like goat cheese with eggs, spinach, and tomatoes also :)