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2016…it’s going to be big

Published on December 30, 2015, by in Uncategorized.

Wow. It’s been more than 6 months since I have last blogged. To be honest, I needed a break; 2016 will be my 12th year of blogging and that is a long time.


So much happened since I last sat down and wrote. One of the year’s highlights was my second niece was born!


We did a lot of traveling. I mean a lot. So. Much. Travel. But it was amazing and I loved every minute with family and friends.

2016b 2016d



We also had new adventures in Chicago. Brian went to his first ever Bears game.


I took up pottery on the wheel. Now we have more hand thrown pottery than we will never need.


And did a lot of baking, cooking, and drinking some green smoothies.


So, that brings us to today. Literally. Beautifully snowy today.



So what is going to happen from here on out? I don’t know. That’s the amazing thing about life, it’s really good at throwing curve balls. I’m a huge planner and don’t always do so well with those curve balls, but I’m getting better.

This year I am turning 35. Which to my 21 year old self is INCREDIBILITY old, but I don’t feel old at all. And that is where my goals for this year come into play. It’s not about New Year’s resolutions, it is goals. I want to better myself everyday emotionally and physically so that aging isn’t something that I dread. I want to take better care of myself before a medical condition forces me to take better care of myself. I will set high expectations but not beat myself up. Most importantly, I am going to put my health first.

How exactly? I’m working out the exact details of my goals, but I’ll be back. I will let you know.


One Response

  1. Meghan

    Great photos! It’s so exciting you got to travel so much this year. We did a little too, but I always want more! I’m with you – I’m not a “resolutions” gal either…just a goal-setter. Actually my husband and I have a “date” on New Year’s Day to go over our personal and collective goals. This will be the first year we will do anything like that together. Should be fun!

    And YES to still being 21…I mean turning 35 this year. (!) Where did the time go? I really feel like I turned 30 about one blink ago. But then I look back and see how many things have changed in that amount of time and I see how time really does pass us by if we don’t slow down and enjoy it. More is less, right?!

    Cheers to health and happiness as our priorities in 2016…and forever more. I look forward to reading more when you have time to do your writing. I completely understand needing a break. I have tried to start and keep up with a blog many, many times to no avail. I always fizzle out because of the time it requires. I admire you for having this blog for 12 years! Very cool!

    Happy New Year, Stacey!