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DIY cashew milk

Published on February 2, 2015, by in Recipes.

I finished my strict healthy eating plan on Saturday night. I felt great doing it and decided I would reintroduce things one at a time as long as they felt comfortable and I didn’t have any adverse effects. Two of the biggest changes I noticed is that I wasn’t bloated or congested while eating like this. I have long suspected my congestion is related to certain foods and seasonal allergies. I have made DIY almond milk in the past, so I decided to make some cashew milk to continue on the no dairy path. Wow. It’s really amazing. Rich. Creamy. And it doesn’t need strained like almond milk. No pulp! Soak one up of almonds in water for a minimum of 4 hours. I soaked mine overnight. I was amazed by the little balls of oil that floated on top of the water after soaking. Then, drain and rinse cashews