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Sum sum summa time

Published on June 19, 2014, by in Uncategorized.

The polar vortex is very much over in Chicago and we have moved to hot and humid. I am enjoying the warmth that summer has finally brought to us!

Last weekend, I kicked off the weekend with a summer work BBQ and enjoyed some refreshments:


Saturday morning, I headed to the post office to pick up my package from Thailand. I ordered a tank top from Etsy that happened to come from there and they wouldn’t deliver it to my house, so I had to pick it up. I loved the postage stamp:


Then, I headed up and watered the garden. One of my co-gardeners has an abundance of radishes right now, so he shared some with me! Eeek! I love radishes and butter, salt and radish sandwiches. Thank you Grandma Domino.


Keeping up with the low to no sugar plan, I made some oatmeal banana donuts for Brian to take for breakfast this week. No added sugar!


Wanting to try a new homemade salad dressing, I found a recipe for a paleo ranch that didn’t have any added sugar. It’s a little garlicky for my taste, but good. I also thinned it out with a little milk because it was too thick. Almost like a dip. Before and after the mixing:

summer6 summer7

It was the return of sautéed cabbage as a side dish for us. Cooked in a little coconut oil and bacon. Yum!


I also made my return to the Glowing Green Smoothie this week. I love them and hadn’t had one in a while.


We have continued on with little to no added sugar with a lot of success. One thing I’ve done is really cut out the cheese this week. I had gone completely over the deep end, swimming in cheese on the sugar detox, but have found enough no sugar added condiments to replace the cheese.