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Home Update Whirlwind few weeks

Whirlwind few weeks

Published on June 4, 2014, by in Update.

Wow. It’s been a great few weeks.

I was in baking mode when we had a birthday at work and I made a peach pie with a new crust recipe that involved vodka. The vodka evaporates out, leaving the crust nice and flaky. It’s definitely a keeper of a recipe. I also made a giant cookie cake.

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Over Memorial Day weekend, Brian and I traveled to Florida for his family’s annual reunion. We had a great time with his family and it was very well-organized.



While we were there we also hit up a giant flea market. I bought my brother an unopened pack of baseball cards from 1990 and we saw this guy doing karaoke.


I was back in Chicago for one day, which Brian and I used to watch the new movie Fed Up. The movie about how we’ve been dieting all wrong for the last 30 years and what we need to do is cut out added sugar. It’s an eye-opening movie to say the least. Definitely worth the viewing if all it does is make you reexamine what’s going in your mouth.


I left again on Wednesday to go to Texas for a few days and spend time with my brother and his awesome little family. My brother told me to hit up Cousin’s BBQ in the DFW airport for some delicious brisket. I got some brisket sans bun(limiting sugars thanks to Fed Up). It was absolutely delicious.


While my niece was at school on Thursday morning, I went for a long walk and read my new book in the Texas sunshine.



I got to spend the next few days playing with my fun and spirited niece and doing fun things like going to the farmers market and walking along the river.

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I had an early flight home and got to see this beautiful sunrise.


After getting home, Brian and I decided to take the Fed Up Challenge. What is it? It’s eating no added sugar or fake sugars for 10 days. We are currently on Day 3 and are doing great. The first step was to evaluate our pantry and determine what we wouldn’t be eating. Fortunately, we already eat pretty clean, so there wasn’t a lot that we needed to replace. I think the hardest was to find bread and cereal without added sugars. So, what have we been eating?

u7 u11 u12

Lots of fruits and vegetables with lean proteins. We have also been loving Triscuits(not all flavors) as they are one of the few crackers that don’t have added sugar. We have also been avoiding things like potato chips because they are fried, even though they don’t contain sugar.

I also created these muffins last night that only use mashed banana as a sweetener. Definitely not your normal bakery muffin, but they are pretty tasty to have no added sugar.


Glad to be back home, but really enjoyed my time away. Now it’s time to get serious about being healthy and exercising.