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Home Update The hardest season

The hardest season

Published on May 7, 2014, by in Update.

Hello. I usually don’t get very personal on my blog, but today, I am.

I am sitting behind my computer with my pants a little tight from all the amazing food I have been eating lately. I completed the 21 Day Fix and had amazing results. I absolutely love the program and can’t stop raving about it to all of my friends. So, what happened? Well, I didn’t completely undo my progress, but I am definitely feeling bloated from the food I have been consuming. This is the hardest season for me. It’s my husband’s birthday, then my birthday, which leads directly into patio weather. And since I live in Chicago, the few warm months must be taken advantage of. I am actually healthiest in the winter. I will go to the gym more days than not, because I don’t want to be outside. Since it the hardest season for me, I am committed this year to make it my healthiest.

So, I am currently struggling to get back into a healthy diet and exercise routine. I desperately want and need to. I feel better and sleep better when I do. So, I restart the 21 Day Fix tomorrow, but I am going to push it to the next level. I am going to do 3 weeks worth of workouts in 2 weeks. Why? Because that is the amount of time I have before I start traveling again. Challenge accepted! Check in with me and hold me accountable! Want to know more about the 21 Day Fix? Feel free to leave me a message with your email and I’ll get in touch with you.

After that, I have another goal. I’m actually very excited to see where this summer takes me!

So, back to other exciting things…like my birthday. I adore birthdays. I think people should be selfish and do what they want on their birthdays. So, what did I do? I took last Thursday, Friday and Monday off of work. To do what? Spring clean! I am one of those crazy people who feel like my life is centered and I am at peace with the world when my house is clean and clutter free. I even reorganized everything on the refrigerator, cleaned off the entire front and had room to put up some of my niece’s art work. All fueled by a lot of coffee.

break7 break2

We got new shelving for our back patio and I did a major overhaul of reorganizing. I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a ton of clothes. Reorganized my pantry and cleared a ton of room to make it much more functional. Oh, and we got a new dining room table! That is perhaps the most exciting part of it all. I hate, hate, hated our old table. It was a pub table that would only seat 4 people total and that was a tight fit. I hated being perched up on a chair. I want my feet on the ground while I eat and to be able to sit back in my chair when I’m done eating and let the conversation continue. So, what did we get? A solid pine table that will expand to seat up to 10 people. It is a heavy, heavy beast and I couldn’t love it more! Even if it did take some time and patience to put it together, but I did it all by myself. And it was delivered in a big yellow truck!

break3 break5

Here’s our first meal at the table. Lovely.


My bike had been having some work done at the shop, I got the call that it was finally ready, so we went for a few bike rides this weekend. Even if it did require us to look a little nutty all bundled up on our bikes.


We grabbed dinner out one night and happened past a frozen yogurt shop(which I’m not normally a huge fan). They had a sign for cotton candy froyo in the window. I am sucker for all things cotton candy, so I had to try it. It was surprisingly delicious!


One evening it was warm enough to grill out. A treat as it is one of my favorite activities.


On my actual birthday, I met some girlfriends out for lunch. I had a tasty margarita and Mexican food, followed up by Jeni’s ice cream.


Monday, on my final day off, I recommitted myself to my health and prepped healthy foods for the week, including a delicious crockpot vegetarian curry, homemade Greek yogurt and burrito bowls. But not before taking advantage of Native Foods Cafe Cinco de Mayo special that was absolutely delicious! I hope they add it to the menu full-time.

break12 break13 break8

Now, to get on those workouts tomorrow! Onward and upward!



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  1. erin

    Great post! Great food! I always love your posts- when you are in a healthy eating routine, when you are prepping great healthy meals, and even during your tough seasons. Good to know you have the same ups and downs as the rest of us. Thanks for the post!

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