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Eggcellent weekend

Published on April 21, 2014, by in Recipes, Update.

See what I did there? I made an Easter joke. Ha.

This weekend was exactly what I needed. Lots to time outside in the beautiful temperatures. It was the exact weather that you hear Chicagoans talk about all year. The weather that is reason we live here and endure the winters. It was perfect.

Friday night, Brian and I met for dinner at Dawali Mediterranean Kitchen. I had been there on my last girl’s night and knew he would love it. He did. After eating a lot of hummus, we were both pretty full and didn’t even put a dent in our dinners. The good news was that we then had lunch for Saturday. The only problem was that we didn’t have any more hummus. I did have an eggplant on hand, so I roasted it and made some baba ghanoush to supplement our left overs. It is delicious and silky smooth.


Saturday morning I had some time to play in the kitchen. I bought a ton of vegetables this week and was trying to think of new ways to use them, instead of just sauteing or roasting them. I ran across a recipe for cauliflower tater tots, which had been adapted from a zucchini tot. I went back to the original recipe, changed a few things, made them, loved them, changed a few more things and made 2 more batches. Now I have these little zucchini babies in the fridge to eat as a side this week.



Saturday afternoon involved a long walk, trying on some new running shoes and a bike rise. After noticing that my bike gears haven’t been shifting properly, I decided to take it in to a new local bike shop to get checked out. Surprisingly, a bike should be serviced more than once every 20 years. Yep, that’s how hold my Schwinn is. My parents bought my brother and I matching bikes when we were in middle school. Anyway, Brian got this cute Chicago biking hat. After hearing that my bike was still safe enough to ride, I convinced the guy to let me bring it back on Sunday so I could go for another ride Sunday morning, since he is going to have to keep it a few days.


Sunday morning ride:


Sunday morning Brian woke up to a surprise Easter basket filled with all European chocolates. I love that they don’t use artificial coloring in the products and they taste WAYYY better than the American made counter parts.


While Brian munched on cereal and candy, I ate some Easter eggs of my own. Topped with a mountain of salsa. Yum!


The afternoon took me up to my garden plot that I am impatiently waiting to plant. My strawberry plants from 2 years ago have once again peeked through!


We grilled out for supper and loaded the grill with burgers, balsamic marinated chicken, cauliflower, green beans, zucchini and tomatoes. It was so good and we have lots of delicious leftovers. Although the chicken looks a little like a lung or brain segment in this picture.


My plate:


I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend!

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