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Published on April 7, 2014, by in Recipes, Update.

I never know what to title these update posts. After being out-of-town last weekend, I felt like I needed to have a very productive weekend this past weekend. And productive, it was! The fridge is packed to the brim. Then I realized that I have a girls dinner on Wednesday, Brian’s birthday Thursday and Brian’s birthday dinner with friends on Saturday! Well, I guess more meals will be going into the freezer! Oh, well.

I spent most of Saturday morning at the grocery store and prepping food. I made rama chicken bowls(brown rice, potato, broccoli and chicken with a peanut sauce), fajita bowls, and prepped fruits and veggies for the week. I got a steal on some chicken breasts, so I bought in bulk, individually packaged and froze most of them. I love a good deal.

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Mangos were $0.49/each, so I bought a few, sliced and froze in an even layer so I can use them in smoothies. I love doing this when there is a good price on fresh fruit. I hate that sugar is added to so much of the fruit in the freezer section.


I also made a batch of almond milk and one of cold-brew iced coffee. I can’t wait to enjoy these this week!


Sunday I went for a long walk with a friend in the morning. It was great. I love to get out, walk, talk and enjoy the fresh air. I ran some errands in the afternoon, relaxed and packed my food for Monday in the evening.

Last week, I discovered a new favorite vegetable. Cabbage, but more specifically sautéed cabbage. I ate the whole head of cabbage by preparing it this way throughout the week.


I had a fun surprise when I went to the gym last week. After paying for my own locker there for almost 2 years, they finally got around to putting my name on my locker. Well, my  maiden name, that is.


I finished up my first round of the 21 Day Fix. I really like this program. The workouts are great. I started my second round and will be done at the end of the week. I plan on continuing to do the provided workouts as they really target areas that I struggle with maintaining, like my arms. So my meals have continued to be pretty simple with some complex carbs, veg and protein. I haven’t been making a lot of amazing recipes lately, just eating clean, simple and healthy. This week is going to be tough though. Lots of eating out, too much on the schedule and it’s going to be tough to get all the work outs in. But that’s life. Not every week can be perfect.  I used to believe in the number on the scale. I don’t so much anymore. I feel better and am in better full body shape that I have been in a couple of years. There is no quick fix and there is no magic number. This is totally cheesy, but I saw it this week and it really resonated with me, so I thought I’d share it.


I hope everyone has a great week. Here’s to your health.