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Cinnamon roll waffles

Published on February 14, 2014, by in Recipes.


This is a quick and easy breakfast that makes it seem like you took a long time making it.

I can’t even say this is a recipe. More like a hack or a trick to do. You could start out by making cinnamon rolls from scratch, but for my first time trying this I didn’t want to waste the time if the end product wasn’t going to turn out well.

If you have a waffle iron, plug it in and heat it up.

Crack open a can of cinnamon rolls.

Place 1-2  in your waffle maker and close that beast.


When the light on their waffle maker says they are done, open the waffle maker and lift them out.


Squeeze on some icing from the packet the tube of cinnamon rolls provided you.


Serve to your loved one in bed.

In the future, I would like to make them with homemade cinnamon rolls and icing now that I know it works well.

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