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A week in review

This is going to be a little more than a weekend wrap up.

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of having a wonderful meal cooked for me by my friend’s Brock and John. Brock made the cocktails and collaborated with John on flavor combinations while John did most of the cooking.


We started with a mixed greens salad, goat cheese and beets prepared two ways. We moved on to scallops, tomatoes and linguine in a moan-worthy white wine sauce. We ended with a pot de creme with mint, fleur de sel and a raspberry reduction pipped to the bottom. Not only was the food out of this world, we had hours of great conversation and laughter.

Nearly finished bourbon cocktail:


Pot de creme:


Thursday night, Brian wanted tomato soup. So, I decided to throw together some ingredients in the Vitamix and this wonderful, creamy tomato soup was born.


It has become a bit of a Friday night tradition, that if we don’t have social plans that I will go to the gym for an extra long workout. Then, I stop at Whole Foods and pick up slices of pizza and salad on the way home. This past Friday was no different. As usual, I got a slice of vegan pizza and de-veganized it by adding Parmesan cheese.


Then, I had the wonderful idea of putting my sauerkraut on top of my pizza. It was really delicious. I highly recommend it.


Saturday for lunch, I made another soup in the Vitamix. This one involved a few steps prior to going into the Vitamix. It was a spicy peanut sweet potato bisque. Brian and I both couldn’t get over how delicious it was. I am really excited to have leftovers of it.


For supper, I made another batch of soup that I had been yearning to make. I think the original recipe was called Ski Lodge soup because it is so hearty.


Besides eating soup, one of my other favorite things to do lately has been to lay on my Spoonk mat. It is compared to laying on a bed of nails, but once you are situated on it, it doesn’t hurt, it feels great. I love using it after I work out.


Sunday morning I had a random, delicious and fairly ugly breakfast. I mandolin-ed some fingerling potatoes that I had lying around. I also had some vegan spicy buffalo chicken pieces leftover in the fridge that needed to be used. So I cooked those in with the potato and topped it with an egg. It was a delicious, spicy, and protein rich breakfast.


Sunday night, I made a really delicious combination of fiesta quinoa, cilantro-lime chicken and topped it with a cilantro sauce that I whipped up in the Vitamix. This got rave reviews from both Brian and I.


And if you are wondering why we have eaten so much soup in the past week, it’s due to the weather. I need soul warming food in the these temperatures! On my commute to work:


Stay warm. Stay safe. Eat good food.