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Productive weekend

Published on January 15, 2014, by in Recipes.

Last weekend was one of my most productive weekends in the kitchen in months. As a result, we have been eating well all week. What was I busy making?

I started off my Saturday morning with something called bulletproof coffee. Other’s call it buttered coffee. Yes, I put grassfed butter in my coffee. I brewed 2 cups of organic coffee, then put it in the blender with 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 1 tablespoon Kerrygold grassfed butter. Blend on high until frothy and creamy like a latte. It is absolutely delicious. It is a high fat treat, but they are healthy fats. I can’t say I will be doing this everyday, but maybe once a week.


I also started sprouting lentils on Saturday. It’s so easy and they are absolutely delicious when sprouted! I can’t wait to eat a big salad with them on it for dinner tonight.


With my Christmas post recap I mentioned that I made a batch of really incredible stuffing while at my parent’s house. Brian raved about it, so I halved the recipe and made it again.


My love for soups is no secret. I made a big batch of veggie soup. So warming on these cold days.



Saturday night I told Brian that I was making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. He immediately asked, real noodles or vegetable noodles. I told him vegetable noodles. He then made a sour face and asked, “spaghetti squash”? Nope, a return of the zucchini noodles that we¬†both like.


For dessert that night, I made a new recipe of chocolate mousse that has a main ingredient of avocado. Brian could tell that it wasn’t real mousse, but we both really enjoyed it. It will make another appearance soon!


Sunday morning, I headed to the gym for a killer workout. I stopped at WF on the way home and got a treat of KeVita coconut water and a coconut date roll. I love those date rolls. I justify them for their potassium content.


I had a giant salad and a big bowl of soup for lunch to fill my growling belly.


I finished up the weekend by making a batch of secretly healthy double chocolate muffins for Brian to eat for breakfast this week.