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Weekend wrap-up

Published on October 28, 2013, by in Recipes, Update.

On Thursday night(because that was pretty much considered the start of the weekend when I was in college), I made KERF’s baked pumpkin oatmeal bites. They were only alright. I thought they were quite bland and I even added cinnamon. I substituted chopped dates because I couldn’t find my raisins. I’m eating them because they are low-calorie and healthy, but I probably won’t be making them again. Brian isn’t even interested in them.


Friday night I went to the gym. My favorite zumba instructor told us in class on Tuesday that there would be an additional class on Friday. I thought it started at 6. Nope, it started at 6:30. I also realized that this class was added because of a special Halloween night they were having at the gym. There were going to be children in costumes Zumba-ing with me. No thank you. That and not wanting to wait around, I hopped on the treadmill and did a running program. Fortunately and unfortunately, my gym is right next to a Whole Foods. I stopped in and grabbed us each a slice of pizza for dinner and supplemented it with a big salad at home. My vegan pizza was delicious. Really, it was more of a flat bread with sauce and veggies.


Saturday morning, I got up early for a marathon of errand running. I started the day off with a half of a banana, egg with cheese and sriracha and a pumpkin oatmeal bar. Just the combo to keep me full and energized for 5 hours of errands.


I called Brian mid-errand running and had him meet me at Native Foods for lunch. I have been dying to try their new Mambo Italiano wrap that they just added it to the menu, but aren’t actually offering it because they are still “tweaking the recipe”. What? How do you put something on the menu then not let your customers buy it? Instead I had the angry cowboy bowl with tempeh. I love it. There are so many vegetables in it.  It seemed like I got a larger portion than normal, maybe because I made my annoyance about not being able to order the wrap apparent. So, I took some of it home.

To redeem myself from the semi-flop of the pumpkin oatmeal bars and to have a breakfast to send with Brian this week, I made some fresh cranberry scones. They turned out great. They have a nice light flavor and the fresh cranberries add a nice tang.


Saturday night, I made us a light dinner of Minimalist Baker’s tofu stirfry. Delicious! I only had 2/3 of a block of tofu left, so I spit that between the two of us, but used the full amount of vegetables. Will definitely be making this again. Brian loved it.


Sunday morning breakfast was Native Food’s leftover angry cowboy vegetables with two eggs on top. Yum!


Sunday lunch was leftover baked potato soup that I made last week. No complaints about eating that as leftovers. It’s delicious. I spent much of the rest of the day relaxing to the max. I’ve been contemplating bringing back a more traditional Sunday night dinner. So, last night we had spinach and garlic butter flank steak pinwheels(I bought them premade), baked potatoes and zucchini. I only ate half of my steak and saved the other half for lunch today. Quite honestly, I thought it was disappointing and wouldn’t buy them again. But the nicer meal on Sunday night made me want to do it more often.


I hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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  1. Sarah

    I recognize that cutting board!!

  2. Mel

    I see you used your new holiday clothes as place mats 🙂

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